04. December 2007

Vista SP1 - seeking users

I’m not sure if I’ll ever run VISTA in this decade… I haven’t even played with the beta’s… I recommend to friends and family to keep their Windows XP disk around.

Why? There are so many reasons, but maybe one of the biggies might be coming to an end…


09. November 2007

Storage in the cloud - JungleDisk.com

These are exciting times and another idea turned gold is Jungle Disk. A cross-platform Amazon S3 interface for remote storage. They setup a WebDAV service on your machine that runs their bits to encrypt and transmit your files up to Amazon’s S3 service.

Never heard of S3? Neither had I


30. October 2007

TDD - A Workout Promise

Ok… I’ve had enough. Uncle Bob nailed it:

Why don’t we clean our code? When we see an ugly mass of code that we know is going to cause of problems, our first reaction is “This needs to be cleaned up.” Our second reaction is: “If I touch this code I’ll be spending the next two weeks trying to get it to work again.” We don’t clean code because we are afraid we’ll break it.

I promise to