Play Nice CodeRush & SQL Prompt

Written by Brett Veenstra

It truly is amazing the tools we can get our hands on these days. The two that I have a very bad addiction forcannot code without are CodeRush and SQL Prompt.

The only trouble is that when I use SQL Prompt inside Visual Studio to manage my SQL code, CodeRush tries to hijack the “ESC” key that SQL Prompt uses to cancel it’s own “intellisense” lists.

While attending the Day of .Net Fall 2007 event on Saturday, I had a chance to bug lead developer on CodeRush Dustin Campbell in the middle of his presentation. Dustin handled me graciously, especially since it was just another “tech support” question… but he didn’t “fix me”.

With Dustin’s suggestion, I was able to get to the correct place though, thanks Dustin!

Here’s the solution.

  1. Choose DevExpress > Options
  2. IDE \ Shortcuts
  3. DXCore \ Support
  4. Esc (MarkerCollect command)
  5. Choose only the Languages that ESC should collect the markers on (my case: C#, VB, XML/HTML, C++) Here’s what it looks like when you’re done. CodeRushSQLPromptPlayNice