A Better Developer - Open Source Project

Written by Brett Veenstra

Forgive the total stream of consciousness…

In the continuum of craftsmanship (and to keep fully immersed in “pure” product development skills), I need to create a new software project.

Ideas so far:

  • Worship Software - cool graphics, rock-solid stability, simplified use, connected, multiple outputs, multiple inputs, cross-platform (QuickTime?/SilverLight?)
  • Web-Based Church Management Software - centered around connectedness
  • “Zero Config” Grid Rendering
  • Web-Based File Manager - organizer, ratings, tags, duplicate checker, compression/de-compression built in Methodologies:

  • Test Driven Development

  • Objects drive the data layer (if exists)
  • Continuous Integration Preferences:

  • Web over WinForms

  • .NET over Ruby/PHP
  • Quality over Timeliness