Further up, further in

Written by Brett Veenstra

So, having had worked at a great product development company for the past 4 1/2 years in VB6 and only getting to dabble in .NET when I could talk them into it, I’ve finally been blessed with a job that is aligned with my desires in .NET!

While I’ve built a handful of solutions, both webform and winform since 2001, they have all been in VB.NET. I’m going to try and push cold turkey and just switch to C#. Why?

Here’s what I can come up with:

  1. C# is “closer” to the .NET Framework - much of .NET framework was in C# and the whole experience is cleaner. I’m a control freak is the bottom line.
  2. C# is closer to Javascript - I’m planning on web programming, and jumping in and out of brackets and the like is just something I’m feeling too lazy for
  3. C# has huge momentum in the Software Engineering community - having MORE resources by industry experts, not just in the Microsoft camp is how I’d like to build software. Also, it seems that more open source projects run in the C# space than VB.NET (purely subjective).
  4. C# in Visual Studio 2k3 has better architect tools (i.e. code comments). Yes I know about the VB.NET add-in.
  5. Easier to share, debate - VB.NET still has a hobbyist aura. I’m anything but a hobbyist, but I grow tired of spending time on qualifications when discussing ideas.
  6. C# to VB.NET conversion is actually easier to me. Sure, I could read C# and convert to VB.NET. VB.NET does some things during compile time anyway that is more declarative (see #1) and I just don’t want any more tools that hide that stuff.
  7. Intellisense wins every time. Since I’m in Visual Studio .NET, it’s not like I’ll have “extra” typing to do. Here we go!

I promise not to become a C# biggot.